Wednesday, July 15, 2009

And on the menu for the Home Opener? Hate.

Did you see who the Wings play in their home opener this year? That’s right, our little brothers from the Windy City. And guess what? I want blood. In the member’s blog at Kukla’s Korner, I described how it was time for Wings fans to start giving the hate back to Chicago…hey Marian, do you think that’s going to be a challenge anymore?

Now many Wings fans had already come to grips with the fact Hossa was a one year rental long before July 1st rolled around this year. We even went so far as to wish him well on whatever path that lead him out of Detroit. But that all changed for me when that path happened to be 300 miles away down I-94 West.

I was at peace with you leaving, Hossa…I WAS at peace. I appreciated the 40 goal season, the passion you showed at times, and I was willing to forgive your dismal statistics in the playoffs. I could see the pain in your eyes shaking hands to congratulate with your former team as yet another Stanley Cup runner-up. Better get used to shaking hands to say ‘congrats’ to your former team, Marian. Get friggin’ used to it!
There are currently two teams that Marian could have chosen that would spark such a change in heart. And those two teams are Chicago and Anaheim. Anaheim has been a thorn in Detroit’s side for years now and, to be honest, they were the reason we lost the Cup this year. Their “they can’t call them all” style of thuggish play coupled with their ridiculous amounts of whining have planted the seed of hate, but this post isn’t about the franchise that Emilio(!) built…

Let’s put it right out there, Marian. You failed us. We didn’t fail you. We had half of our team banged up, we had survived the previous rounds despite you only producing in one game per series, but we needed you in the Finals. Seven games against your former club and you couldn’t even score one freakin’ goal. None.

And your way of saying ‘thanks’ for us providing you with a golden opportunity to win the Cup? You sign with our biggest rival…long-term and at a discount from what other clubs must have offered. I don’t wish you well anymore, Marian. I am going to ‘boo’ and ‘boo’ loudly when you take your first step out onto the ice. Guess what? You deserve it. You jumped ship to go to a rival after a heartbreaking loss in the Stanley Cup final…and you’ve done it for two seasons in a row. I think that makes you a 1st Class A$$hole.

Pittsburgh fans might call me a hypocrite. We razzed them all last season about their sour grapes for Hossa leaving. But had he gone to the Flyers? Oh boy, all of those teenagers in Pittsburgh would have stayed home from summer school just to cry and pout. The mothers in Pittsburgh would have wept and many of basements would have been ravaged.

(Former) GM Dale Tallon said that Hossa went to Chicago because he wanted to win. Explain to me how leaving the greatest organ-i-zation in sports who has won more Cups in the past 12 years is a move of someone who “wants to win”? Oh, right…there’s all those kids in Chicago that will be great for years.

Is that the pitch that Mr. Tallon gave you, Hossa? Well guess what, turns out the Mr. Tallon was an idiot and got himself fired as a GM less than a month after signing you. Those kids in Chicago? Well now, because of you (and some other idiotic signings and mis-filings), this team is going to implode…just you watch. I wonder what you’re going to think of the remaining 11 years of your contract with the massive salary dump at the end of next season.

This time last year? I was already ordering your player shirt (at least I had the sense not to buy the jersey). And now? I hope that Kronwall does this to you:

So I want you all to hate him with me. Forget about the 40 goals, forget about the passion he showed (at times), and forget about the pain he felt losing again. Remember that he’s a Hawk now, he is the enemy.

Hossa is one of them now. I will hate him as long as he wears that jersey.


  1. Apparently you write best when the hate flows thru your veins.

  2. I didn't care much that Hossa left the Wings until he signed with Chicago. Very, very unclassy.

    Good luck on your blog. I'll be back!

    (It takes a while to build a following, but once you do, they are very loyal!)

  3. Great, yet another spot to check in when I'm in front of my computer and bored out of my mind!

    Good luck, Drew. :)