Saturday, July 18, 2009

Empirical Proof that Chicago fans are Idiots

Did you catch this turd of an article this morning? Apparently, Chicago fans are booing club president John McDonough for doing the smart thing and replacing the "pay first, ask questions later" Dale Tallon.

Hey Chicago? Do you even know that we have a salary cap in this league? That's right, there's a guy named Gary Bettman who is trying to destroy the foundations of the game so he can make more marketing bonuses. Which means that you can't just sign anyone and everyone you want with gigantic contracts without destroying the core of your team.

I don't expect many Blackhawks fans to get this...they only really worry about being loud and rude.

How many of these MENSA candidates do you think could even tell me what Bobby Hull's nickname is? And I bet if you counted jerseys in that crowd, it would go something like Toews, Kane, Kane, Toews, Keith, Toews...uh oh.

Heading out to the West Side for some fun in the sun this weekend, though it sounds like it's going to be chilly. Still hungover from the Kid/Rock Lynyrd Skynard concert at Comerica last night. Awesome.

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  1. The caption to that photo should read: This lady was far and away the MOST excited about the signing of Coke'N'Pepsi.