Thursday, July 30, 2009

Williams is Excited, do You Believe him?

From Khan(!) at MLive…

"I wasn't expecting the call, but after they lost (Mikael) Samuelsson and possibly not being able to get Hudler back, they talked to my agent and we thought it might be a good fit to come back. To go back to a situation I'm familiar with could be good for me. The chance to get in the playoffs and compete for the Stanley Cup, you can't ask for more. You don't see a lot of guys go back to the team that traded them. But I was excited."

Excited because no other team in North America has offered you anything, Jason? Williams was malcontent when Babcock would sit him, and then he was traded away by Kenny Holland in ’07…last I checked both of those guys are still with the organ-i-zation. Hardly anyone in the Red Wings nation seems to want this guy back.

For me, it’s all about attitude. One can only hope that the younger, cockier player whining about sitting games out has grown up a little and has finally come to grips with the 3rd line role he is to play on a team. Hopefully, those stints in Chicago, Atlanta, and Columbus have taught him to appreciate what he had in Detroit the first time around.

I suppose we’ll just have to wait and see. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone signs about 35 seconds after the Hudler announcement is made public.

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  1. He didn't impress me as a Wing and he certainly didn't impress me as a Blue Jacket. Blah.