Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ozzie getting to the Core of things

Chris Osgood. Not much has been said about him lately has there? Remember how he played last year in the regular season? Me either. That is something that will remain in the dark recesses of my mind, nice and suppressed, and suppressed. If the frustration and inconsistency serve as a reminder to anything, it should be this: “STFU” as Chief would say. Ozzie knows what he’s doing and when he says he can turn it up a notch; he means it. He was awesome in the play-offs, better than anyone could have expected. Hopefully he can go through this regular season as a man on a mission: get into the Hockey Hall of Fame.

Malik found this little ditty in the Vernon Morning Star about how training for some pro athletes is seeing a shift from heavy lifting and long runs to more of an emphasis on flexibility and core strength. He’s really a blurb on the overall article, but I feel like I needed to say something.

When the nightmares of Hossa’s play-off performance start to get you down, remember how well Ozzie played. Picture the 20,000+ at the Joe chanting his name before every game. Keep holding that fort down, Ozzie, you’ve earned it. Let’s see if Jimmy can establish himself as a solid back-up while we give Larsson, McCollum, and Pierce the “Howard treatment” and let them marinate in the affiliates for a while.

I'll try to never doubt you again...

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  1. It is crazy how much I can hate a guy for probably 10 years, and now find him as one of my favorite goaltenders. What a turnaround.