Wednesday, July 22, 2009

NOW You tell us....

That long awaited injury report on Hossa, well it finally leaked...

Apparently, Hossa has a shoulder or rotator cuff injury according to the Daily Herald.

Detroit fans everywhere were dying to know why he was so useless for the majority of the play-offs. Perhaps this is the reason why. Hossa may have to have surgery that could keep him out of the lineup until December. Awww, injury problems already, Chicago? Twelve years of shoulder issues...and he isn't getting any younger.

I wonder, did you tell them about your bum shoulder BEFORE you signed on the dotted line, Marian? Or did you think your performance in the finals was good enough of a clue.


  1. Sorry, but I smiled a little thinking that Chicago got screwed. And I DO like Hossa, just don't like Chicago. DUH.

  2. Don't apologize for smiling when Chicago gets screwed...that kind of attitude is MORE than welcome around these parts.