Thursday, July 30, 2009

Okay, if not Williams…Sykora?

It has been made pretty clear that most Wings fans do not want the services of Jason Williams (again). But what about Petr Sykora? According to Khan(!), he is another player that the front office has contacted. You may remember him as the guy who stayed our Cup run with 35 seconds to go in Game 5 of 2008’s Cup Finals (for one more game).

He’s only 32 (three years older than Williams) but has accumulated 300 goals and 674 points in 921 games. He has contributed just about everywhere he has gone. Yeah I know, we don’t have a good history with for Penguins, but look; this guy would be an almost be guaranteed 50+ points wearing the red and white if played an entire season. Sure he scored that one low-down-dirty-stinkin’ goal against us to force game 6 in the Pens’ ice water palace, but other than that, do we really have a reason to hate him? Because he played for Pittsburgh? Perhaps, but if he signs with Detroit…is all forgiven?

Would you rather have him over Williams?


  1. Mad Max or Sykora, just not Jason.

  2. I could handle Sykora, though I'm skeptical of his defensive abilities. Never heard him described as a two-way guy, really. Could be an interesting pickup, though, if it happens.

  3. No Penguins, and definitely not Sykora. He was also a Duck. No.

    No to Williams either. I still say Maholtra or Peca. Dominic Moore would be nice too.