Thursday, July 23, 2009

Coolest jersey ever? You bet your sweet bippy.

NY Daily reported the Sports' All-Time Coolest Uniforms. “From the coolest of classics to the rarest of retros, the News surveys the best uniforms in sports.” - Jon Wiener

Guess who’s number one?

“Detroit Red Wings: Nothing says Hockey Town, USA, more than the Red Wings logo with its classic winged wheel. We especially love the fire-red trim, while a shiny Stanley Cup makes for the ultimate accessory.”

I couldn’t agree more, Jon. Sorry, Lil Gary, I know I keep beating this to death, but NOTHING says excellence over the past 15 years better than the red and white winged wheel. I hope they never succumb to the lure of third jerseys. Though admittedly, I did buy myself a Winter Classic Zetterberg jersey.

Other hockey franchise’s making the list (rank):

Chicago Blackhaws (5)
Montreal Canadiens (8)
New York Rangers (9)
Toronto Maple Leafs (21)
Quebec Nordiques (27)

And your Detroit Tigers also made the list with their old English “D” at a fitting #19.

No Penguins? No Ducks? No sh!t.

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