Tuesday, July 21, 2009

September 16th is closer than you think...

I know that this is the “slow season”, but I think I speak for many Red Wings fans when I say that I think that this far too slow a start to make any moves in the off-season. I realize that we’re going through league mandated negotiations with a player we already thought we parted ways with (thanks, Gary by the way), but there are still a lot of decent free agents out there and they’re getting picked off one at a time.

Have you seen this? 10 forwards, 9 defensemen, and 1 goalie are all the players currently listed on our roster (as per the official website). And that is with Abdelkader whom we’re not sure will start with the big club this year. Yeah I know we signed Williams and Newbury but they might be seeing a whole lot of Van Andel Arena this year.

Pre-season starts on September 16th and Sasquatch will be waiting, elbows up as usual. That is less than 2 months away. Seems like a long time, but when you have an incomplete team nearing the end of July, it might be time to start filling the roster spots.

We all justified Hossa’s departure by saying it would give us room to sign Samuelsson and Hudler (both have at least attempted to leave, one succeeded). So we’ve lost 168 points from last season and have gotten virtually nothing in return to this point.

I understand that Kenny Holland is the best in the game, and I understand that he has deserves our respect (and patience). He’s probably out there right now, as I type this trying to pull yet another rabbit out of his hat. Hakan Andersson is probably somewhere in Eastern Europe finding yet another diamond in the rough. I just want you guys to start showing me something…anything.

Let’s get final closure on this Hudler situation for better or worse so we can finally move on.


  1. Unfortunately, I think the Hudler situation will drag on much, much longer. And I blame Gary, too.

  2. Truthfully, I've never followed the team this closely during an offseason. I'm usually working and/or partying in celebration of a Cup. But I am anxious. It's getting to me that everyone who normally follows the offseason is worried. All I have to say is that Kenny Holland won't fail us. He may not pull through a Hall of Fame team this season, but he at least won't completely fail us.

    Also, it's nice other people are writing about the Team in the Chief's absence.