Monday, July 20, 2009

Another News-less weekend

This year’s “slow season” seems to be slower than usual. No updates on anything Red Wings. But really, is that such a bad thing? We’re nearly 3 weeks into the Free Agency Period and it has been pretty much bad news the whole way. And now, all we’re waiting for is the official word that Hudler isn’t going to be returning to Detroit and now that the league has stuck its big ugly nose into our business, we won’t retain Happy’s rights when/if he does decide to return to the NHL…what a joke.

But again, we should remember that we did our big free agent signing during the course of the season, we locked up Zetterberg and Franzen for life. We debated and fought over whether we wanted to keep the Mule or Hoss. Looking at their play-off performances this year, is anyone still arguing who we’d rather have?

Oh and looky here at Hockeytown Blog nothing like getting a shout-out (thanks for the heads-up, grog34) on the official blog, even if they don’t quite get your name right.

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