Thursday, July 30, 2009

It's like another July 1st

Well, my friends, the day has finally come.

One more player will be leaving the Wings' organ-i-zation today, we all know it and have known it for some time. But of course, that player couldn't officially leave the team unless he did it under Gary Bettman's terms. Well today is the day that the Hudler handcuffs come off of Kenny's hands, and Happy's salary cap hit comes off of Kenny's books.

So we can finally put the rumors to bed (soon I hope) of whom we are going to grant the honor of wearing the Winged Wheel.

Kenny's going to pull something off...I just feel it. The best General Manager in all of sports has been much too quiet this summer to not have something special cooking in his kitchen.

Grier? Williams (part two)? Tanguay?

Just get the stupid arbitration hearing over. And then go sign us a third liner so we can start stressing about something else...hey, we're Wings fans, we need to stress about something.

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