Friday, July 31, 2009

Chicago in MORE Hot Water

Bruce Garrioch is reporting from the London Free Press that the NHL is conducting an investigation on the signing of Marian Hossa’s contract.

“The ’Hawks could be facing a maximum fine of $5 million and the loss of draft picks if the league’s investigation uncovers proof of allegations that Chicago discussed the possibility of Hossa retiring before the end of the deal, which would end Hossa’s cap hit.”
NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daily had this to say in an e-mail:

“We’re trying to understand how it was negotiated and whether the intent and effect is to circumvent the cap. This was the first of the long-term contracts that took a player out past the age 40 and the value of the contract in its ‘out years’ was dramatically lower than its early years. We want to know if the possibility of player retirement was ever discussed or even contemplated.”

So it would appear that the league is going to try and make an example out of Chicago for trying to make a “Kenny Holland” move, only obviously not as good. Still think that Dale Tallon was wrongfully “re-assigned” Chicago? This man, over the course of two seasons, has damaged the franchise possibly for years upon years to come. Yet if you remember, team president John McDonough was booed by fans for making the right move.


You just don’t get it, Chicago. It serves you right for trying to emulate the greatest organ-i-zation in all of professional sports. It appears that Lil’ Gary is trying to drop the hammer on anyone who even tries to be like the Red Wings (remember: the model organization is Pittsburgh). You can bet your bottom dollar that the next CBA will have a limit on lengths of contract.

This investigation into the Hossa contract probably won’t even gain any traction…but I think it’s hilarious the amount of bad press Chicago is getting this off-season.


  1. It's interesting that in the Age of Chelios, they're looking at 40 as some kind of wall: "His contract goes past 40, he can't seriously be considering playing that long, so there must be some deal involving retirement." I mean, realistically, Hossa may not even make it to 40, but it sounds like they're making a lot of assumptions here just because it goes some imaginary barrier.

  2. J.J. from KansasJuly 31, 2009 at 9:19 AM

    I think the age thing is only half the consideration. The other half is that Hossa's salary over the last three years of his contract is a TOTAL of $2.5 million. Even if he's able to play at that age, is he going to want to? That's why there are so many questions about this contract and not the Franzen/Zetterberg contracts which still use fairly reasonable numbers in the last years of those deals. It looks fairly obvious from the numbers alone that there was probably collusion between the Hawks and the Hossa regarding whether he thought he'd still be in hockey 12 years from now. If that's the case, they'll get nailed to the wall.

    I assume that the league minimum salary on the year the contract was signed is what governs the entire contract too, right? I mean, I wouldn't be surprised if the league minimum 12 years from now is above Hossa's $750K salary. But, I'm assuming that it wouldn't be an issue there because of grandfathering the numbers.

  3. I don't think anything will come of this other than the very bad press Chicago is getting. Really now, HOW can they prove what was talked about if nothing was put on paper? But, Chicago will have to watch how things are done because they are on the radar of the powers-that-be. And that isn't good.