Tuesday, August 25, 2009

#3 on the Mend

Malik is at it again, this time finding Swedish interviews reporting something interesting about a certain injured Red Wing defenseman...

"There's huge progress going forward. The headaches decrease every day. My goal is to be at Detroit's training camp which starts on September 12"--Andreas Lilja

Good on Lilja for getting better. But we were kind of counting on his Cap hit coming off the books on LTIR...weren't we?

"I can not play very physically yet, but I've still taken a few elbows to the head without having had more headaches from it."

Um...who the hell are you playing with that his giving you elbow shots to the head while you're trying to recover from a concussion? It's got to be Todd Bertuzzi, I just know it...

Don't expect to see him squaring off for the remainder of his season. When asked if he was scared about coming back, he said, "No, I have so much experience. But I have been banned for fighting. I must avoid fights."

That's fine, Lilja...The 'Tuz has got your back.

But does Lilja's comeback means someone is going to be moved? Whether it's another player being sent to Grand Rapids (Meech), or somebody being sent packing via trade or waivers...we're probably going to have to make a move if Lilja indeed is ready to play.


Of course, he could just be blowing smoke up our bums with all this comeback talk. We really don't know how far away he is from playing.

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