Thursday, August 27, 2009

Chelios talking with Predators...

Found this in the Tennessean this morning...

The Predators have every intention of placing their developing prospects in the holes left by departing defensemen Greg Zanon, Greg de Vries and Ville Koistinen.

But if they need some more seasoning at the seventh spot on the blueline, they haven't ruled out adding a veteran before the start of the season.
One of the names being tossed around is 47-year-old Chris Chelios, whose abrasive style of play and frequent conversations with referees often made him a target of Predators fans.

Chelli to play for Bubba? I know the man doesn't pose much of a threat anymore, but losing another player to a Division Rival would still sting.

Coach Barry Trotz and Chelios recently had a light-hearted talk on the topic.
"I said, 'Chris, are you sure you'd have the interest of playing in Nashville, because you're not exactly well-liked here?' '' Trotz said. "He said, 'Trotzy, trust me, I'm not well-liked anywhere.' I said 'Yeah, I guess you're right.' ''

I think that if Chelios did indeed jump ship to Nashville, unlike Hossa, the Detroit fans will be respectful due to the fact we turned him away...I don't have any hard feelings, I appreciate his time and efforts while he was with us.

Chelios told USA today at the USA Olympic camp, "I'll be waiting by the phone, and we will see what happens. But I'm at the point that I'm ready to listen to anybody."

...obviously, he truly means ANYBODY.

"Physically, he's a specimen,'' Trotz said. "I think he would be a guy we would definitely consider.''

Go for it, Trotzy...give the man a job.

Wow, Bubba looks mad behind him, doesn't he?

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