Monday, August 17, 2009

Return of Bertuzzi?

Time for me to weigh in on this wild rumor floating around ever since Jimmy D voiced the potential return of Todd Bertuzzi to Winged Wheel.

Well not long ago, I said that this was a simple case. However, that was back on July 29th when the free-agent pool looked a little different. I was wrong about Williams, I may be wrong about Bertuzzi. And if the Wings end up signing both of these guys (one already inked in), I’m going to owe George Sipple an apology.

This, much like the Williams signing, would not be popular amongst Wings fans. The 19 over at Abel to Yzerman are already starting to spit up blood. But again, I say: In Ken Holland We Trust. If Bertuzzi is someone that Kenny thinks is the best player available with the Cap room we have left, who I am to argue?

Bertuzzi did put up 44 points with Calgary last year…far gone from his glory days playing with Marcus Naslund in Vancouver. But if you could add 40+ points to the lineup without giving up anything, would you do it?

What I’m wondering is what this possible signing would do to our lineup? Leino ain’t going back to Grand Rapids, quite frankly. We promised him one year in G.R. and that is it. So would you put Eaves down to start the season? That’s probably not what he was hoping for when he signed? Send Helm back down for another season? I think we’re already convinced that Abdelkader will be in Grand Rapids for the bulk of 2009-2010. So what would the forward lines look like, then?

Holmstrom Datsuyk Zetterberg
Cleary Filppula Franzen
Leino Helm Bertuzzi
Maltby Draper Willaims

Williams probably would already be ticked off starting on the fourth line. Those 20 goals I was hoping he would contribute? Probably not going to happen on a line with Draper and Maltby.

What about Maltby? Would he tolerate being up in the press box for a good chunk of the season? Eaves-Draper-Williams would actually be a pretty formidable fourth line, but do we really think that Kenny would send Kirk upstairs to watch the games?

It certainly does raise a whole lot of questions. I guess I’m not really sold either way just yet. And don’t forget, just because Jim Devellano says it, doesn’t necessarily make it so.

Stay tuned.


  1. I think your worry about anyone going to to GR is unfounded. Leino and Eaves both signed one-year deals, so they're not going anywheres. Also, Holland has said he wanted to play with 13 forwards so, after signing Bertuzzi and placing Abdelkader in GR, you've got your 13 right there. My only hope is that Bert takes a small enough contract that we can bring up Abdelkader if need be.

    I have to say that while I'm not a fan of Bertuzzi's at all, I think I could live with this signing. As you pointed out, 44 points in Calgary, so he's still a capable player.

    My main concern is that he takes a lot of unneccesary penalties and if our PK isn't exponetially better than it was last year, it could really bite us in the ass.

    And lastly, if Bert signs I have to assume that either Maltby or Draper spend most of the season in the press box (most likely Maltby, as everyone seems to agree) whether it makes him happy or not. Let's face it, the guy is on the downslope of his career, on any other team he likely wouldn't have lasted as long as he has.

    Lastly, I have to say that, after losing Hossa, Sammy and Hudler (I don't consider Kopecky and Conklin losses since Holland didn't offer either of them a contract), you could do a fair bit worse than picking up Eaves, Williams and Bertuzzi for a combined $2.5M or so... They won't cover the 80-something goals we're losing, but combine them with Leino, Helm, Ericsson and add Zetterberg back onto the top line and we're probably ahead of our 07-08 production at least...

  2. Sorry, that second sentence should read "Leino and Eaves both signed one-way deals" not one-year.

  3. Good points, all Garth. I forgot about the carrying 13 forwards. I guess I am only hoping that Kenny finally puts Malts in the press box for the start of the season. As for Eaves' one-way contract, he could start in GR and be called up without having to clear waivers, it's only if we send him back down after calling him up that he would have to go through the waiver-wire.