Monday, August 3, 2009

Case Closed

From the Free Press today:

Saturday afternoon, Kenny Holland learned that Jiri Hudler's arbitration award will earn him $2.75 million in the first year and $3 million in the second of a two-year contract. This was confirmed by Tick Tock today.

"He's obviously going to Russia because it's an opportunity for a financial windfall, but right now his plans are to come back to the NHL and to come back to the Wings."

Look on the bright side, when/if he does come back in two years, there will still be a decade left on Zetterberg's contract. I doubt that Hudler's meager defensive skills will be improved playing over in Russia, but if he can hone what are already impressive offensive talents, his $2.875 mil cap hit will be a great value.
Finally. Closure.

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