Monday, August 3, 2009

Nolan Finley: Blame Obama for Hudler

Nolan Finley of suggests that even if the Red Wings had room under Gary's cap to match Dynamo Moscow's offer for 2 years, $10 million...Hudler still would have left.

"Here, he could expect to pay roughly 45 percent of his salary, or $4.5 million, in federal, state and local income taxes. And if the Obama administration prevails in its array of desired new taxes on the wealthy, that number could easily reach 60 percent or more. That's at least $6 million more dollars in Hudler's pocket than if he stays in the United States. American sport franchises can't compete.

Expect entrepreneurs and investors to depart next."

While it seems like stars in their prime will continue to choose to play in the NHL (the greatest league in the world), there has been an in increasing level of middle-of-the-road talent as well as aging stars that are hopping aboard the KHL Bandwagon.

The question remains; with a shrinking cap and taxes on the rise, will we see a prime time star head of the KHL over the NHL? (Clearly, at this point it would just be for money. The KHL is no where near the NHL in terms of talent, quality of facilities and such.)

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