Friday, August 28, 2009

Wings have Fan in NASCAR Ranks

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On only his second trip to Montreal, Brad Keselowski still can't figure this:
"How come Detroit got to the (trademark) office to call itself Hockeytown before you did?" he asked yesterday, grinning. "I guess we kind of snuck in there ahead of you."

Ah... the good old "Hockeytown" controversy. Everyone wants it. We have it. Deal with it.

Keselowski, a 25-year-old native of Rochester Hills, Mich., is more than a casual fan of the NHL's Detroit Red Wings. So the young NASCAR star understands the passion Montreal feels for hockey.

Nice to know we're supported everywhere. The #25 car just got himself a new fan.


  1. Somehow it just feels right that he's sponsored by the Navy. What exactly did the Chief say he does again?

  2. He's certainly no pharmacist, I can tell you that....