Monday, August 24, 2009

EA makes up for Sidney's Mistake

As much as I try and stay away from Puckdaddy and his Wing-hating, I couldn't help but stumble upon this with some amusement...

Some fan from Pittsburgh already had time (shocking) to play his EA NHL 2010 (you know, the one with Pat "20 Cent" Kane on the cover) demo, and win it with the Pens. This is the gem that the programmers decided to add to the game this year, a captain's handshake.

Apparently, the whole "being young and caught up in the moment" isn't part of a players overall rating in the game and therefore has no bearing on the ending cut-scene.'s funny.

I really don't care about the handshaking thing. Rosby was being immature (again...shocking) and the Wings were upset when they made their comments (probably because they just lost the Stanley Cup Finals on their home ice).

If they can use it for motivation as Malik has suggested, fine. If not, fine.


  1. definitely not a full season, it's just the demo (on x360, ps3 will get it this week) allowing you to play the 3rd period of the 7th game (

  2. I'll second the first comment- the game isn't for sale yet, but the demo is available for download on XBox360. The demo is a variety of third period scenarios for game seven, and the handshake looks the same regardless of who wins (and yes, the Red Wings can win).

    Mostly it just bothers me because it's brought the whole handshake debate back. I hadn't heard anything about it since the beginning of free agency, and now people (on both sides) are whining again.