Thursday, August 13, 2009

Round 1: Niklas Kronwall

Not much to write about today...I mean virtually nothing is happening in the Red Wing world to report on right now. So I thought I'd start a seven part series looking back and who is on the current Wings roster (or farm affiliate) that was drafted by the Wings. We'll start with Round #1 and work our way down.

Niklas Kronwall (D): Selected in 1st round 29th overall in 2000.

Born Jan. 12, 1981. 6'0, 189 lbs.

Nik Jr. is quickly becoming one of the games hardest hitters. Injury plagued for a good portion of his early years, I patiently waited to see what this guy could do when he was healthy come play-off time. Remember the 2007-2008?

Nobody had more cataclysmic, bone-crunchers than #55. He was laying out guys left and right from round one against Nashville, all the way through the Stanley Cup Finals. He and Brad Stuart seem to be a match made in Hockeytown heaven once the post-season rolls around. He didn’t quite replicate the quantity of big hits in 2008-2009, but he did introduce Marty Havlat’s brain to the inside of his skull.

And the answer is "No", I'll never get sick of posting this pic.

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