Thursday, August 13, 2009

Round 5: Darren Helm

Down to the final 3 of this 7 part series...and some might say the best is yet to come.

Darren Helm: Selected in the 5th round, 132nd overall in 2005.

Born: 1/21/87. 5’11, 172 lbs.

The Black Ace to end all Black Aces…the Nightmare...the inspiration. What a spectacular find this kid is turning out to be. He has nearly double the play-off experience with the Red Wings as he does regular season (41 games post-season, 23 games regular-season) and is quickly gaining favor among the masses of Red Wings Nation. Blazing speed, a marvelous work ethic and a fearless demeanor had made this guy the ultimate play-off secret weapon for Detroit the past two seasons. But the secret is out, if you haven't looked at this lately, I would suggest you do so before going any further. While in Grand Rapids, he posted 16 goals in 31 points last season. You better believe that he’ll be up with the Wings all year this year. In fact, if Babcock had his way, it would have been last season. But Ol’ Kenny Holland wasn’t going to call on Helm before he knew he was ready. Well I guess Kenny has come around, and so have we all.

Look familiar? It's Chicago's worst NIGHTMARE.

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