Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Random Clip on a Wednesday Evening

My girlfriend absolutely loves this guy...

Let's see some more of that this year, Wally.


  1. I dubbed Filppula my 'Baby Boy' a few years ago--I absolutely adore him! (I have a very inappropriate crush on him.) I see good things coming from him this year. Your girlfriend has very good taste.

  2. I love Fil. He's one of my favourite players. I think he's going to have a huge season this year.

    BTW: LOVE the blog. I've been meaning to post for awhile here but it won't let me do it at work (stupid websense). Keep up the good work. I'm on this site like every day.

    PS: I'm with you on the Bert signing. I think it's a great move at that price.

  3. Animal and DetCapC19,

    If you ever want to get around websense or any work blocking program of like facebook, try a

  4. Ubelievable.

    (I posted this at work)

  5. By girlfriend you mean a dude thats man pretty, right?