Monday, August 31, 2009

Williams Glad to be Back

John Machota of the Free Press talked with Jason Williams this weekend. I hope that what he had so say will start to win some of you malcontents over...

Machota: What was the one thing you missed the most when you left Detroit?
Williams: Just the people and the city of Detroit. It's such a sports city. Even the guys in the dressing room. It was tough, it was unexpected, and I didn't think I was going. But to be back now, I'm very happy about it. I'm very excited, and I hope I can take full advantage of the opportunity.

Aww...isn't that sweet, he missed us. I just hope the people at Hockeyfest were a little nicer than most of the Wings fans I've been reading comments from on the internet.

Machota: The Wings lost some offense during the off-season. Do you feel any pressure to make up for what they lost?
Williams: I don't feel any added pressure, really. I've always put pressure on myself to perform well, if I can stay heathy and play hard. I'm going to be familiar with the system and familiar with a lot of the players, so whoever I'm playing with, I think I'll be able to gell with quick.

Key words in that last answer: play hard. Just stick to the system and do it better than Hudler and we'll be happy. Back check and for god's sake, hold that point on the second PP unit if you're there.

Machota: What did you think of the Stanley Cup finals this year?
Williams: It was a good, hard-fought series. I still think Detroit was probably the better team, but you got to give Pittsburgh credit, too. They played well, they found a way to win Game 7, and it's tough coming into Joe Louis Arena and stealing a game. Sometimes it's tough to see some of your ex-teammates go so far and not win. ... But I'm happy to be here now, and hopefully we can get back to that situation and be on the winning side.

Oh, so it wasn't just us Wings fans who knew we had the better team but came out on the losing end, eh?

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