Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Just turn your Head, Cough, and Sign Here

Bert is back via TSN.
1 year at $1.5 million, pending a physical of course.

I like it. A lot of people don't.
We'll see if people are still angry when he puts up 60 points playing the Holmstrom role on 1st powerplay for most of the season. Holmer needs a rest, the kevlar reinforced pads just aren't cutting it like they used to. For all the nay-sayers, I'll say again: you wanted grit, you got it.
At least we have our fighter now.


  1. If you want blood, we got it.

  2. Well hopefully not at the physical...

  3. Guy scores almost two thirds of a points per game. for that kinda money, he's a great 3rd line guy.

    Worst case scenario, he sucks, he gets cut basically, and the Wings have the same line-up as you wrote.

    Best case, the Bertuzzi comes back, is 3/4 of the player he once was, scores 30, all for 1.5 million.

    This is a risky signing, but why the hell not? It isn't like he is a locker room cancer, that has never been mentioned on any team. Plus the Avs hate them some Bertuzzi.