Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Breaking News from Yahoo: Economy Sucks

Guess what, Wings fans...Detroit is going through economic hardship. Who knew?

In the latest, "let's kick them when they're down" segment, Yahoo! News puts out an uplifting little article, reminding us all of those who have lost their jobs and the Detroit sports teams that are feeling the pinch of a sluggish economy as well. What do you have to say that hasn't already been said, Yahoo!?

"Detroit's big four professional teams -- Lions (NFL), Tigers (MLB), Pistons (NBA) and Red Wings (NHL) -- are not looking for new addresses but are digging in for what is shaping up as a bruising battle for the shrinking sports entertainment dollar."

I think it's always important to note that no matter how hard we've been hit by the economy, Matt Millen, or other sub-par stretch runs, Detroit retains its extremely loyal fan-base...even without the high draft picks.

"Stanley Cup finalists the last two seasons, the Red Wings were once the hottest sporting ticket in Detroit but it can now be had for as little as $9."

Yeah, for obstructive seating. I didn't even know there WAS obstructive seating in the Joe until I went and bought a crap load of these tickets for dirt cheap. They sit you in a cut-out corner in the top corner behind one of the over-hanging scoreboards and a load bearing concrete column. I almost always was able to sneak down to some fat-cat corporate seat that was un-filled (shhhh!).

And of course, Jimmy Develano, who's always good for a slice of humble pie had this to add when asked to comment on the Tigers' respectable attendance:

"We've done well here mainly because of the performance of the baseball team and we've thrown out all kinds of ticket deals, there is even a section of $5 tickets," Jimmy Devellano, senior vice-president of both the Tigers and Red Wings, told Reuters.
"It's tough, this is a city with four major sports and we are all competing for the same dollar. There is only so much to go around. It's like a ghost town. You see it, you feel it all over."

Gee, thanks Jim. Always good for that feel good quote.

Feeling warm and fuzzy? If the answer is yes, then you've been in the liquor cabinet a bit too early today, my friends.

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