Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Poor "Soupy" Stays in Pantry for Olympics

Found this on chicagonow.com...enjoy!

Aww...Chicago feels slighted by the exclusion of the $7.1 mil turnover machine from Team Canada's Olympic Camp.
"The immediate word out of Team Canada orientation camp in Calgary is that speed and up-tempo play will be the name of their game as revenge is sought for that last stinkeroo performance in the 2006 Olympics at Turin. Then where is the world is Blackhawks defenseman Brian Campbell?"

Stinkeroo? That a technical term? Let's see if I can use it in a sentance. The reason your stinkeroo ginger defenseman who's signed to a real stinkeroo contract is not invited to Calgary is due to his stinkeroo play.

"There's quite a simple explanation why Campbell wasn't invited to play with the big boys this week. Team Canada coach Mike Babcock and executive director Steve Yzerman witnessed first-hand the egg he laid when their Detroit Red Wings bounced the Blackhawks from the Western Conference finals.That was just one egg in a season when he skated on eggshells most of the first half and at times in the second half. "

When I said "stinkeroo play", I didn't mean the ONE bad play he made during game 2 of the Western Conference Finals that lead to the GWG (I was at that game, by the way). I meant his play in general is bad. $7.1 million is a lot to be paying a man who has, thus far in his career, accomplished nothing of signifigance. Who signed him to that contract? Dale Tallon you say? Well alright then, can't really blame Campbell for that one.

And then the article prattles on about how Duncan Keith and Brent Seabrook made the camp and are battling for a spot but really....who cares?

Found this picture (including text) at tinypic.com


  1. your annoying because actually ALOT people care about Keith and Seabrook!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Not this blog's target audience.