Monday, August 31, 2009

If Hudler returns, Holmer goes? is reporting that ESPN's Rumor Central has hinted that Tomas Holmstrom could be dealt if Jiri Hudler returns due to the fact that he is yet to receive his transfer card to play in the KHL. The IIHF last week denied Hudler the transfer card in a baffling move that has lots of people all in a tizzy.


Of course this is an unsubstantiated rumor from a sports network that hates hockey. But what if? I wanted to see what you guys think...would we be willing to take back a greedy little defensive liability if it meant we had to trade away an aging, injury prone, funny speaking warrior?


  1. It doesn't look like this'll be an issue because the KHL seems poised to completely ignore the IIHF. But to answer your question, I would be sickened if the Wings traded Holmstrom, or otherwise dumped him, in order to make room for Hudler. It's nothing agaianst Hudler, who I like, but Homer's sacrificed his body for this team in way few have and if the Wings stab him in the back like that, I'd be appalled.

    In my opinion, it should be Hudler that goes in such a situation. Not as some kind of punishment for leaving, but because the Wings have their team assembled and he is very much an outsider on this season.

  2. If there were no such thing as human personality, I'd say that on paper, this might be a good idea. However, I'm with Matt in that stabbing Homer in the back like that would terribly damage the team.

    The only way I could possibly accept this scenario is if Homer called a tearful press conference and announced that his body is too broken to continue playing hockey, but that the organization is keeping him on as a special contract negotiator (ink. paper. sign) and new net-front assistant coach. Even then, I'd be pretty skeptical.

  3. Don't see Holmstrom leaving the team until he retires. Won't happen, for any reason.