Friday, August 21, 2009

Kane will Plea out of Jail Time

From the Buffalo News this morning…
“Both sides still are talking about a possible plea deal in the Kane cousins’ criminal case, with prosecutors pushing for a guilty plea to a noncriminal violation, probably harassment.
Defense attorneys are listening to that offer while also suggesting a possible adjournment that could lead to the charges being dismissed in six months, sources confirmed following Thursday’s arraignment in Buffalo City Court.”

Should we be proud that a hockey player has risen to such a level as to circumvent America’s legal system as so many other pro athletes have done before him? Did anyone expect this to gain any real traction? Or has the Pacman Jones and Kobe Bryants of the world convinced us that as long as your good at sports, you can get away with just about anything without getting more than some bad press and a slap on the wrist.

It’s the whole reason Kane plead not-guilty when he obviously is. He’s already apologized to just about everyone (except the 60+ year old man that he tuned up). I haven’t heard him say “I didn’t do it.” When you plead not-guilty, that gives you a chance to plea your way down to lesser charges. I hope that when the criminal trial is over, the cabbie sues him and gets his money back, and a whole lot more.

Wait, scratch the third sentence from that last paragraph..

“Today was a tough day for us,” Kane said, while accompanied by his parents, Donna and Pat. “You know, I just reiterated to the judge that I’m not guilty of any crime, and I’m confident in the legal process . . . Right now, much more can’t be said.”

Aw, did mommy and daddy tell you to say that? Are you still trying to convince them that you didn’t beat up a helpless old man in a fit of ego-driven rage?

The dispute inside the taxicab escalated as Radecki insisted on being paid before he would unlock the back doors, while the Kanes demanded that he unlock the doors, according to law-enforcement sources and police reports.

Typical pro athlete “how dare you do this to ME” scenario. And why isn’t there any mention of alcohol in all of this, seeing as Kane is only 20 years old. I’m wondering what he could have been doing out so late. If he was just a plain old movie star or reality TV show jerk, he would say that it was because he suffers from alcohol abuse, would say that he has a problem, and then enter rehab until everyone forgot about it.

He’s the part that I find most amusing…

The judge also agreed to prosecutor Paul E. Bonanno’s request that the defendants stay away from any contact with Radecki.
“We’d like him to stay away from us as well,” Cambria replied.

What a joke. Cambria should have said the cabbie is only allowed around if Ben Eager is around to protect little Kandy Kane.

In other news...Buffalo must have the shortest media people ever...if they make Kane look tall.


  1. Now I know your hated for the Hawks and all Chicagoians is valid, but the plea deal is really not that unreasonable considering the varying stories that we've heard relating to this situation.

    Toews is a Wing in 2010, still sticking with that.

  2. Kane got away with the same shit that, basically, ALL athletes who are good at their sport get away with. I've seen this same stuff go down from the time I was in high school and the athletes could murder someone on the six o'clock news and STILL cry 'not guilty' and get away with it. At least they could if they were 'stars.' I think there is a LOT of money being paid out for this 'incident' to go away--and the cabbie (and probably the cousin) will be buying some new stuff very soon. I REALLY hate seeing this happen in hockey.

  3. Did you ever watch the news interview with that cabbie? The same interview his photo is from?

    "He says to me, 'Do you know who I am?' I says 'No I don't know who you are!'"

    Sure you don't...Buffalo sports fan...sure you dont...

  4. Brendan: I DESPISE football. And I live where the Packers are shoved down my throat constantly. I ignore it to the best of my ability. I think the only way I MIGHT recognize Favre in person is because he just won't go away. There is no way I would ever know another football player, whoever he might be. The cabbie might not like or follow hockey. Just saying.