Thursday, August 27, 2009

McCarty in Money Trouble...again

At least this time it isn't about alcoholism or illicit substances...

Darren gained fame by doing battle with the foes of Hockeytown. Now he's got a fight with the government, according to

"The IRS last week accused him of failing to pay $62,189 in federal taxes."

C'mon, Darren. I figured you would learn to manage your money after what happened last time. Please don't see the rings again.

"McCarty could not be reached for comment through a Detroit Red Wings spokesman who called McCarty's cell phone and spoke to his agent. The agent was not familiar with the tax liens, team spokesman John Hahn said. Hahn said McCarty reportedly is in Moscow pursuing a contract with a team in the Kontinental Hockey League."

Well say 'Hi' to Hudler from us all. No wonder he wants a KHL contract...those are tax free.

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