Monday, August 17, 2009

More THN Stupidity

Angry about the prospective deal in the works for Bertuzzi? Want to get even more angry? Check this out...

The Hockey News has Detroit coming in at #4 in the Western Conference this year:

"Why: After an eight-year run as Central Division champs, a changing of the guard is set to take place. Detroit still boasts perhaps the league’s deepest lineup up front, but you can’t lose the likes of Marian Hossa and Jiri Hudler without taking a hit. That said, another 100-point season is in the cards."

Changing of the guard? Are you talking about our little brothers from the Windy City? A team led by a heartless mercinary, a cabbie slapper, a crotch spearer, and a $7+ million turnover machine?

Since they picked Nashville, St. Louis, and Columbus to finish #10-8, it's quite apparent that these people are overlooking the Central Division at an embarrassing level. Um...four out of five of these teams made the play-offs with Nashville not far behind. Everyone's love for Chicago being the new "it" team is in for a rude awakening when this team falls flat on its face. They don't reach the conference finals and I'll sit back with glee as the whole thing burns to the ground in the off-season.

Um...THN...are you serious?


  1. I basically read every issue of THN cover-to-cover, but their 'predictions' certainly suck eggs big time. They never want to give the Wings the credit they deserve, unless it is with a great deal of reluctance. I'm sure someone was giggling like a little school girl thinking about how they could 'legitimately' rank the Wings this low after the exodus of players this summer.

    I, for one, will never count the Wings out. They have a way of turning it on when needed.

  2. I have that same picture as the background on my desktop.

    MSMers love to count the powerhouses out because it's boring when they pick a team like Detroit to dominate again and they do. But, if they pick them to finish lower and they do, then the MSMers get to claim that they saw it coming all along. If they're wrong and the team remains the powerhouse, they get to write it up as "this team shows why nobody should count them out early" and basically downplays that it's exactly what they just did.