Monday, August 17, 2009

Leino Working Hard

Well, I'm back after a long weekend attending my sister's wedding in Traverse City, doesn't look like I missed too much news in my absence...

Found this in the Free Press this morning, looks like Dr. eVille is yet another Olympic hopeful on the Detroit Red Wings, but he isn't look that far ahead just yet...

"It's nice to be here, and to see the guys and hang out. My goal for the season is to return to Detroit, win a spot on the roster, and play well. I'll think about the Olympics if and when the time comes. I'm really looking forward to the new season."

Oh, you have a spot, Ville, and we all know it. But I must say that I do appreciate that kind of mentality; that he still has to earn it. Nine points in thirteen regular season games, you can extrapolate that into 82 games with a projected 57 points he can attribute this year.

Jiri Who-dler?

Apparently, Leino has been working hard to improve his skating while building up his leg muscles, which is a very good thing considering his size. Sounds like he's going to be ready and his mind is in the right place.

Lookin' good. Is it October yet? Nope, because I'm not in Stockholm yet.