Thursday, August 20, 2009

By the Numbers

Red Wings Central has the training camp roster and along with it, some answers as to who is going to be wearing what number.

No changes for returning Wings (well...those that were on the team last year, that is). But it looks like all the newbies and second-chance additions have their digits picked out.

Todd Bertuzzi: 44
Jason Williams: 29
Patrick Eaves: 17
Doug Janik: 37
Andy Delmore: 4
Kris Newbury: 32
Jeremey Williams: 15

Recent '09 Drafties attending the camp:

Mitchell Calahan: 73
Landon Ferraro: 57
Andrej Nestrasil: 56
Tomas Tatar: 72
Adam Almqvist: 74
Gleason Fournier: 54

Note: former Plymouth Whaler, Michigan native, and badass last name holder John Vigilante is one of the few free-agent tryout participants at the camp.


  1. Come on, John Vigilante? The Wings are done if they're hanging their hats on that guy! He's completely lost his form since his Plymouth days, man! I'm calling it, Wings in 30th place overall! The dynasty is OVER!

  2. Garth, I didn't know you worked for THN!

  3. Jebus, how could we go wrong with a guy named Vigilante? Just having his name anywhere near the roster will make other teams piss themselves in fear.

    30th place overall? Is the crack cheap where you live or are you joking? I hope for the latter.


  4. @ Seaner, easy buddy...Garth's tongue was planted firmly in his cheek for that comment. You get a lot of that from him. He's cool, don't worry.