Friday, August 21, 2009

Griffins will wear Jersey Contest Winners’ Design

From, yes I will try and follow the Griffins and other affiliates when newsworthy stories are released…

Winner #1 Brian Oesch

Oesch, owner of Brian Oesch Graphic Design and Illustration, has created logos for a number of local and national sports teams, including several Griffins community relations logos and the primary logo for the West Michigan Whitecaps. “Brian’s is obviously a throwback design with the string tie in front,” said Meyers. “It is somewhat modeled after the St. Louis Blues’ alternate jersey from last year, but he put a nice twist on it. It looks simple but sharp with the famous Griffins logo, a blend of old and new that captured what we were looking for.

Winner #2 Chad B. Stilson

“On the opposite end, Chad’s design was a completely unique and fresh approach to our logo, a little edgier, angrier Griffin on a jersey that maintains clean lines and adapts our traditional colors.“We’re happy to give some additional exposure to these local artists and look forward to seeing our players wear their designs this season,” added Meyers.Stilson’s jersey will be worn by the Griffins on Dec. 31 and Oesch’s on Jan. 30, with each set being auctioned to the public after its game. The New Year’s Eve auction will support Grand Valley State University’s club roller hockey team, while the January auction will benefit the Griffins Youth Foundation.

Wish I would have known about this sooner. But then again, the entry deadline was July 1st and I launched N.O.H.S. on July 13th. I think this is a pretty cool thing that the Griffs are doing. And they’re supporting GVSU hockey (my alma mater)…except I played for the ice hockey team, not roller.

Hey we takes what he can gets.

Don’t get any ideas though, Red Wings fans, leave the Winged Wheel jerseys alone. Color scheme too. Don’t fall victim to what’s hip and new or we might end up with something like these….

Yeesh. Leave it to those Bitter Brittle Blues. Luckily for St. Louis (and all of humanity) these pieces of crap were never worn in a game.

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