Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Kenny Still Confident just posted a new one about the Bertuzzi deal putting us over the Cap. Well, nobody should be worried because Abdelkader goes down to G.R., despite what you guys wanted and Lilja isn't playing this's the LTIR for him.

So staying away from the saturation of Bert-news-i, I thought I'd pull a quote from Kenny:

“We lost almost 90 goals. I read or hear people picking us to be about fourth in the Western Conference. Even though a lot of teams have gotten better, I still think we’re a Stanley Cup contender because our defense is as good as anyone’s defense and I like the rest of our team.”

That's right, Ken. Don't let those narrow-minded Red Wing hating idiots at THN fool you.

Don't even click on that link, unless you want to get angry.

Ah...that's better.

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