Monday, August 31, 2009

Red Wings Blog Roundtable

Sorry about the lack of posts over the weekend, I was playing in a hockey tournament in Grand Rapids. My team won, of course, and those of us that actually went out and partied afterwards had a great time...only black spot on the weekend is somebody busted out my rear passenger window and stole my briefcase. Idiot.

But anyway...Christy of Winging it in Motown contacted myself and ten other Red Wings bloggers and invited us to participate in a little Roundtable discussion featuring questions and answers from each blogger discussing the upcoming season.

So for the next 11 days you can check here or make your around the Red Wing blogosphere to see what all of us had to say. It starts with Winging it in Motown this morning so click the link.

The timing probably couldn't be better since Red Wings news is getting pretty slow these as we all just sit around and wait for the camps and preseason games to get underway.

But like I said before, I'll make up news if I have to, so stay tuned...

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