Tuesday, November 10, 2009

2009 HHOF Class: #17 Brett Hull

Brett Hull: Numbers as a Wing

Regular Season:

2001-2002- 82 GP 30G-33A-63 Pts
2002-2003- 82 GP 37G-39A-76 Pts
2003-2004- 81 GP 25G-43A-69 Pts
Total- 245 GP 92G-115A-207 Pts


2001-2002- 23 GP 10G-8A-18 Pts
2002-2003- 4 GP 0G-1A-1 Pts
2003-2004- 12 GP 3G-2A-5 Pts
Total- 39 GP 13G-11A-24 Pts

Brett was an enemy for many years while playing for the Bitter Blues, but he was never a guy who I really hated. He was instrumental in Pavel Datsuyk’s young career. Lasting memory of Brett as a Wing: tipping in Lidstrom’s slap shot late in the game in the ’02 Finals…and then turning around with that smirk and giving Lidas a little wink. Igor went on to score the triple OT winner…inspiring the name of his wine.

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