Monday, November 2, 2009

Can't Score Goals? Play Detroit.

Oct. 12- Detroit plays Buffalo.  Buffalo came into the game with a 1.33 G/G average and then scores 6 against Detroit

Oct. 29- Detroit plays Edmonton.  Edmonton hadn't scored a single goal in over 120 minutes played going into this game.  They scored in the first minute, and ended up netting 6 (one in the shootout) to beat Detroit.

Nov. 3- Detroit plays Boston. Boston has scored 3 goals total over their last 3 games.  They'll look to end their scoring slump as everyone else has, by playing Detroit.

So it would appear that if you're experiencing scoring woes, all you have to do is take on the Red Wings.  Ah, but like I said in the previous post...Detroit FINALLY allowed less than two goals in a single game on Saturday.  A trend?  Please, god, let it be so...


  1. then edmonton got shutout again two nights later. 0, 0, 6, 0...

  2. Calgary supposedly were scoring machines. Then they play Detroit and only get 1. So who knows what kind of trends we're seeing.