Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sour Grapes: 11/18 vs Dallas Stars

So I started this segment after the loss to Phoenix, yet haven't done one since.  Well, in the essence of staying angry about what happened last night, let's see what Dallas idiots had to say about last night's travesty...

(These brought to you by Dallas Stars Blog and the letters F and U)

Gary Shinski: I can't believe it is the Detroit Redwings who are consistantly screwed by the refs. How the hell can you mean to blow a whistle? That call never would have been made against Dallas.

Okay, so that guy must not be a Stars fan...or maybe he is, and actually knows what he's talking about.

Jessica: are we going to see this team tomorrow night? or is the roller coaster ride going to continue? Good mood by Crawford to start Auld!

So, you’re telling my Crawford played Auld because he was cheerful?

Here's the winner...

TRXTR: Hehe, Wings getting screwed by the refs. That is classic...


Really? Are you serious with dat?


Bertuzzi was mugging people early, phantom calls on Daley for goalie interference, Ribeiro for cross checking, and the delay of game on Auld.

You are a funny guy Gary...

Oh where to start?  How about with that username?  $20 says TRXTR is this person's liscence plate on one of those useless pick-up trucks lowered to about an inch off the ground.  Let's see, 10 exclamation points between the LOL and ROFL...good use of caps too, kid.  Does anyone else picture these people actually phonetically pronouncing ROFL when they spell that out?  That's what I hear in my head anyway...I don't even know what that's supposed to mean.  Oh, and I am serious with "dat".

Dead Wings: Any long time hockey fan has consistently seen the Red Wings get all the calls. I think this was the first time in hockey history that a call didn't go there way. Kinda cool.  Perhaps the economy is bad enough in Detroit where the Wings fans can't pay off the refs anymore. Now maybe all the teams will be on a level playing field with them.

Any one who thinks that Detroit has consistently gotten calls their way A. disproves that they belong to the demographic they describe as both 1. long time and 2. a hockey fan.  B. You're an idiot.  Maybe if you had watched the Wings in the play-offs last year (not like a Stars fan would have missed a game by watching Dallas in the post-season), you would have seen what really goes on with Detroit and refereeing.  And of course, more immature middle-school level pokes and (in this case, catttle) prods about the struggling Detroit/Michigan economy...I know it's just a blog where anyone can post, but those are just cheap shots that have nothing to do with hockey.

Oh and by the way, your Cup doesn't count...Brett's foot was in the crease.  That's why he came to Detroit to win a legitimate one.  Keep dreaming about your livestock and wishing you could ever build a dynasty like ours.  The refs handed you that one on a platter.  Enjoy it.


  1. NHL Senior Vice President of Hockey Operations Mike Murphy explained Thursday on NHL Live! why the controversial no-goal call by referee Dennis LaRue in the Detroit-Dallas game Wednesday night was not reviewable.
    "In this case Dennis LaRue was clear with what he saw and clear with what he interpreted and that was, 'I had killed the play before the puck entered the net.' When we scrutinize it and go through video review I think everybody would concede that the puck was in the net, and Dennis didn't see that unfortunately." -- from

  2. Pshh, at least their logo you put on the top of that post is still awesome. Right? Right?

    I'll always associate that logo with the future Hall of Famer Marty Turco accidentally getting mindfucked into going the wrong way on a Datsyukian Deke that made Youtube Hockey Highlight history. He was DISTRACTED, okay?!


    Sheesh that guy commenting like that was retarded..

  3. Just to let you know, I read your blog often and I have never commented. I just wanted to say dont ever quit writing it. Between you, Malik, The Chief and Tyler, life as a Red Wings fan is good.