Saturday, November 14, 2009

Wings / Ducks - Odds

Today is going to be the first time in a long time that the Wings play the Ducks without me feeling intense rage against the poultry and all their brethren.  Without Chris Pronger, it really isn't the same.  Oh, I still hate Corey Perry and think that Getzlaf is a douche (seriously, when I saw that he had a huge bald spot on the back of his head at the All-Star game last year, that gave meaning to life.)  But without Pronger on the blue line and the Manatee in net, the poultry don't have that special place in my heart that I usually reserve for sources of pure evil like Hitler, Kayne West, all country music stars, and, of course, Wal-Mart greeters. 

So with that said, you can look to all the other great blogs around for real previews, here's your odds for tonight.
  • Selanne won't pass the puck once (9 goals, 1 assist, really?) - 3:1

  • Howard bandwagon to overflow/completely empty after the game tonight - Even

  • That in all reality, Brown's hit on Happy last year is the real reason the little guy isn't playing the show this year.. - 5:4

  • Corey Perry will continue to be a huge bitch until the Big Rig reminds him what happens to little bitches.  Perry disappears without anyone noticing, like the period after Dr on a Dr. Pepper can. - 4:1

  • Getzlaf will continue to refuse Ralfaski 's offer to sit down and talk to him about the benefits of the Hair Club for Men. - 2:1
  • Parros' mustache will make a serious run for governor. - Even

  • Noone outside of Detroit will realize that Lidstrom is somehow a plus 10 on a team that is only a plus five in GF/GA. - 6:1

  • Ken Holland next year petitions the league not to let the Wings play on Saturday - 10:1

  • Within one week, Chicago will be once again looking up at the Wings in the standings. - 4:5
Go Wings!

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