Friday, November 6, 2009

Kick 'Em When They're Down Take #2

Alright, so I missed this from live blog for last night's game.  Only 100 or comments, not quite in the A2Y echelon, but there were a few good ones.

SharkieFan: Always a tough test to play at Hell aka Joe Louis Arena.

Not sure if that's a slight against the city of Detroit or the fact that San Jose always seems to lose in that building.

Wordlifetn97: detroit is skating hard. maybe its because i havent seen a sharks game since sunday but the wings look like theyre flying out there

He must have been watching the Eaves-Helm-Draper line.  VooX over at A2Y has nicknamed them "The Red Corvettes", great speed and excellent in corners...I like it.

flyover fan: Looks like dtw is trying to prove a point since they're off to such a shaky start.

Do people really refer to Detroit by their airport code?

Sjsharx22: Did anyone else here notice on the replay of the Wings' goal that the ref's whistle was in his mouth before the puck went in? The rules state that once a ref decides to blow his whistle, it isn't a goal.  Stupid eastern team and Red Wing favoritism!  HEY REFS! YOU SUCK!

This one was my favorite.  This poor misguided soul must have been watching the 2nd round last year even if the Sharks didn't make it there.  Brad Watson = stopped the play in his mind.  Last night's ref = let the play continue (as he should and as Brad Watson should have).  Stupid eastern teams indeed.  How dare they try and move in on what is clearly a Southern California spawned sport.

Outfox: Let's be happy with the point. It's probably good that we lose to these f*%#@n guys. We do not want to think that we can go to the Joe and get an easy win. The more our boys struggle with the Wings, the hungrier they will be. And hunger is what they lacked in the playoffs.

They lacked heart in the play-offs.  Don't expect Dany "70 Goals" Heatley to help you out with that.  Maybe we'll see you in the Conference Finals...if you make it that far.

Oh and I stole this pic from one of the chompboard member's avatars...
Can somebody please explain to me what in the name of all that is good an holy is Joe doing?  Feeding a burrito to a puppet?  Impromptu caption contest: GO.


  1. Impromptu caption contest: GO.

    "Suck my cock." God I suck at these.

    And that would be a screen cap from this commercial:

    Sorta funny.

  2. Feeding a burrito to a puppet that scarily resembles Michael Jackson. Halloween is over!

  3. "As long as I have you, MJ isn't dead. Eat up, you need your strenght"

  4. Big Joe: "If I dont keep him fed, Doug Wilson will send me to Toronto for Toskala"

  5. Sharks fan here.

    First off it was Joe Thornton's commercial.

    Second. the ref had the whistle in his mouth. He hesitated, the puck went in and he changed his mind.

    Third. You can believe the Sharks have no "heart" but really that arguement is bullshit.

    Fourth. Every fanbase has a certain amount of idiotic fans (it's funny because Detroit comes first to mind...)Picking on them is like a punch to the groin. Cheap.

  6. Psychologist: Ok joe, now can you show us what the red wings made you do last night? just pretend like you are the doll. *in voice of an adult talking to kid, you know that baby voice, annoying...*

    Joe: *sniffing, holding back tears*

  7. "Do people really refer to Detroit by their airport code?"

    Only us airplane geeks do that sort of thing. However, I know better. DTW, while being located in a place called Romulus, which is pure awesome, has little to do with the Joe, the Wings, and South Detroit.

  8. I don't know about any captioning, but I don't want to see Jumbo Joe's hand a couple hours AFTER feeding that dummy a burrito.