Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Pointless Preview: 11/11 vs Blue Jackets

Category #1: Looks most like a Professional Wrestler

Columbus: Ken Hitchcock as Paul Bearer

“Ohhh Undertaker!”

Detroit: Brad McCrimmon as Marty Jannetty

Sure not much similarity back when Jannetty was in his prime, but look at him now….

Winner: Surprisingly, Detroit...because Jannetty might actually do a better job of coaching the PK

Category #2: Dumbest Player

Columbus: Mike Commodore, for taking this photo...

Detroit: Doesn’t matter, no one tops that in stupidity.

Winner: Columbus

Category #3: Better Mascot

Columbus: Stinger…green cross between a bee and a ninja turtle. And what is that tuft of yellow I see peeking out beneath that jersey?  Happy Valentines Day, indeed!

Detroit: Al the Octopus…though soft in color, fierce in demeanor. Rather than have a former college (male) cheerleader dress up in a suit, Al hangs in the rafters. Named after our legendary zamboni driver and fashioned after one of the game's longstanding traditions.

Winner: Detroit

Category #4: Best Use of Flammables at Home Games

Columbus: The cannon. Fired off every time the Blue Jackets score a goal at home. Thank god that 8-2 drubbing last season was NOT at their home rink. The cannon is also always accompanied by “For Those About to Rock” by AC/DC.

Detroit: The scoreboard goes ablaze during the pre-game during the Stanley Cup play-offs.

Winner: Actually, I’m calling this one a tie…the cannon is unique, but the Joe makes up lost points for saving the firepower for the the play-offs (much like the team does).

Since Jimmy Howard will be starting tonight, I have a sneaking suspicion that this will be a high-scoring affair. Rick Nash is a beast and against Jimmy? I fear for the republic. Wings win, but it won’t be pretty…7-6


  1. I doubt that Columbus will score six goals on anyone.

  2. It's Rick Nash, Chris...Rick Nash.

  3. Mike Commodore looks like he lives in my first college apartment. All that money and he is still sleeping on what appears to be a twin sized bed?

    I'll admit that everytime Nash touches the puck against the Wings I just start praying

  4. Commodore picture is one of the funniest, most pathetic things I've ever layed eyes on. Where do you find stuff like this. I've been to Nationwide, The cannon blows...GO WINGS!

  5. Thanks for the awesome blog guys! I'm one of those dots from Europe, in exile working for a year. Your blog is my Hockeytown lifeline!

  6. Of course Columbus scores six goals.

    Nash will just have two hat tricks.