Friday, November 6, 2009

About Last Night

People are actually whining about Zetterberg's goal last night in regulation.  Whistle should have been blown?  Give us a break.

As I had mentioned yesterday, one of my friends turned out to be Budd Lynch's grandson and so with about 5 minutes to play in the first period, my seating went from obstructed view, to suite.  Not only did I watch the second and third periods with a bunch of rowdy Canadians in Budd Lynch's suite, but I got to have drinks between the periods here...

Recognize it?  I wouldn't.  It's the Detroit Red Wings Alumni Room across from the Olympia Club inside Joe Louis Arena.  Nice don't really do it justice, but I took these with my phone while trying to be as candid as I could (the guy in the right pic obviously knew what I was doing).

The rest of the game was seen from this view...

Free food, free drinks, Wings win...what more could a guy ask for? (Don't answer that.)


  1. I've seen two games from up in the suits at the Joe. Its pretty awesome cause you're at eye level with the banners, plus the free food and drinks are a nice little kicker.

  2. Yikes. Bad news, dude: Brad Watson just blew his whistle. Entire game has to be replayed on account of stupid.

  3. Envious. And happy for you..

    Mostly envious though..

  4. Damn. Nice digs. Thanks for the win, btw.