Sunday, November 22, 2009

Kronwall out at least Two Weeks

Doubled up the competition in shots on Friday, lost 2-1 in OT.

Doubled up the competition in shots on Saturday, won in a shoot out.  Three out of 4 points isn't bad I guess.  But the big news isn't good.

Ever had one player injure two different guys in one shift?  Well cement head George Laraque can now say that he's accomplished that feat.

After smacking Helm in the mush with his stick, the SOB went and stuck his leg out, one of the most dangerous plays in hockey...just seconds later.

And now this from the Detroit News...

"That's something that shouldn't happen in hockey.  A guy shouldn't hang his leg out there and hurt another guy. It's unacceptable and it's disappointing because we just lost a good hockey player for a period of time. Our doctors will look at him (Sunday), but he's out for a chunk of time for sure." ---Mike Babcock

Holland says that Kronwall will be out at least two weeks, depending on the MRI results from today.  Laraque said it was an accident...yeah-frickin'-right.


  1. kinda pisses me off that kronwall got 5 and a game for a hit that everyone but chicago fans thought was legal and now 2 minutes for a knee on knee collision.

    the league has suspended players for fighting late in the third. we'll see what they do with an actual dangerous play.

  2. Another injury? Dangg. Go Derek Meech! Maybe he'll have an amazing two weeks and we can unload Lebda on waivers.. I'm thinking Power Play time for Big Red! Maybe he can pot a couple in? Stewy needs to step up and play amazing. Rafalski needs to pick up the play. Howard needs to keep playing solid.. Cammalleri was the only Canadien to beat him last night.. Jimmy has looked pretty good out there, he's got some consistency too.

    ''There were four refs on the ice and they didn't call anything,'' Laraque said. ''If they called a match penalty it would be different. There was no intent. There was no reason why I would try to go and hurt him. It was a pure accident, that's why they called it tripping, so I'm not worried at all.'' -- From

    I'd be pretty worried if I was himm. Then again, Bettman's baby boy didn't get suspended for an instigator in the final seconds of game two of the Stanley Cup Finals last year, so we shouldn't expect too much of the League should we?

  3. "Stewy needs to step up and play amazing. Rafalski needs to pick up the play."

    Stu has more or less atoned for his Game 7 Lilja-like make up for them they'd have to win another...anyway...I'm rambling. Stuart has been decent this year.

    Rafalski is the guy who really needs to step up.