Saturday, November 14, 2009

Pointless Preview: 11/14 vs Anaheim Ducks

Category #1: Your Team is Named After a Disney Movie

Anaheim: Drop the "Mighty" off the jersey change the colors if you want, but you'll still never escape it.

Detroit: Nada

Winner: Anaheim...and yes, if you frequent the Triple Deke, you're quite familiar with that shot of Emilio. 

Category #2: Hotter Girlfriend

Anaheim has: Getlzaf and this girl...not too bad I guess.

Detroit has: Henrik Zetterberg and Emma Andersson.  Yeah.

Winner: Detroit

Category #3: Jersey Foul!

Anaheim provides us with these two morons...


Detroit has this guy, disrespecting Sawchuck's retired #1...

Come on Papa, even if it was a gift, a true fan should know better...

Winner (less of a loser): Detroit.  The fact that the two Anaheim fans spent money to ruin TWO jerseys and paying tribute to something Ducks fans absolutely hate is actually quite sad.  When you're making your own loser fans angry...something's obviously very wrong. 

Category #4 Better Goal Horn
Anaheim has the fog horn...

Different, but pretty annoying.

Detroit is a little more classic...

Winner: Detroit.  It's usually hard to even hear the horn at the Joe whether at the game or watching on TV because of the crowd going wild.  Whether they just blow the fog horn louder in Anaheim, or maybe their crowd is just quieter, but everyone hears that stupid fog horn. 

Prediction: Well...Anaheim is playing back to back nights after losing to Columbus last night in a shoot out.  The 14th place Ducks are probably going to play their A game, but I don't think it's going to be enough.  Wings win 4-1. 

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