Thursday, November 12, 2009

Kick 'Em When They're Down: 11/11 vs CBJ

You know...I hate Chicago, I hate Anaheim, I dislike the Blues and I don't care much for Nashville.  But I find it hard to actually hate the Columbus Blue Jackets.  It's performances like last night, where the Wings absolutely vaporized the BJ's that almost make me feel bad for the franchise...almost.

Even last year when I attended games 1 & 2 of the Western Conference Semi-Final against Columbus, I saw fans around Joe Louis wearing blue jerseys, and I wasn't mad.  I looked at them like you look at a wayward dog stranded in the median of the interstate..."Awww, you're not supposed to be there, you're going to get hurt!"  Now it might have been different if they had stolen one of the games at the Joe, but they didn't.

You can imagine that what little blogosphere the Blue Jackets actually have isn't all atwitter after last night's beatdown, so here's what I could find over at The Cannon:

TESTIFY!: I didn’t get to watch the game tonight and when I got to my computer and saw the boxscore the only thing that went through my mind was what…. the ….. mufff?? I had to check the final score more then once to see if my eyes were playing tricks on me. I will still carry the flag proudly but seriously. What the muff

Is this guy trying to create a new catch phrase?  Ridiculous.  Maybe he's trying to play off of that flamboyant youtube star.  Also all caps and an exclamation point in his username?  Priceless.

SMF360: I did watch the game tonight and Im only stating the obvious when I say it was ugly. There were a couple times when it felt as if the Jackets were swinging a little momentum, at least towards getting their self respect back, but then bad goal and it all went to hell. Detroit is in the heads of Columbus

When was Columbus swinging momentum?  Admittedly, I didn't watch the ENTIRE game on account of blinking...which is when I must have missed Columbus having self-respect last night.  Oh and I'm not cutting off the end punctuation on either of the first two comments...they didn't one.

Ryan31: I left after it became (sigh) 8-1. The bad thing about being in 119, it was attack twice for Detroit. Ouch. Mason was horrible. Worst I’ve ever seen from him. Klesla should stop inviting the puck to dinner. And last but not least, what the hell was that for a 1,000 game night? Filatov didn’t play horrible. I think I saw everyone take a face off except mason tonight.

For what points he lost as a fan for actually leaving a game before it's over (I don't care what the score is), he makes up in not having an all caps username and putting punctuation on the end of his last sentence.  PS...Klesla stopped about as many shots as Mason did last night.

dms2262: At the beginnig of the year we saw the Jackets team we were all looking for, hard hitting, great PK, and best of all winning. Where is that team now? The hits were pathetic last night, the PK was non-existent, and a AAA PeeWee team could have played better defense. The Jackets allowed guys to skate un-opposed in the corners, and down the slot, it was sad to watch. You cannot play that way against Detroit especially when thay were angry after having lost to Toronto.  I love’em though. Let’s get back in the drivers seat and get going, it is still early and we are right up there in the division.

"Awww....look at the little optomistic Blue Jackets fan.  Aren't cute?  Wait, don't get too close, they scare easily."


  1. Last March I was at the Joe for that 8-2 game we lost to Columbus and I stayed until the very last second of the game because I paid damn good money for those tickets and I was going to enjoy being at the Joe despite the Wings terrible performance! That said, I hope this game will finally get people to stop mentioning that game! Even Ken Daniels mentioned it a couple times during the game last night...

  2. Are there such things as roll-over goals? Goals we didn't need that we can roll-over to other games?

  3. You know, I didn't hate Columbus either.

    Until Game 2 last year at the Joe, when the drunken dipsh*ts in BJ's jerseys a section over from us were making such a scene while their team surrendered goal after goal after goal... so bad that half of the arena was chanting "SIT. DOWN. SIT. DOWN." to them at one point.

    So now? Screw it. I wish they'd dropped another 3 or 4 goals on them and ran it up really huge, and destroyed the franchise for good.