Monday, November 23, 2009

"The punishment should be five games and skating lessons."

That's what Brad May told the Detroit News when talking about Georges Laraque's punishment...

"If they summon you to Toronto, it's at least four games.  He probably didn't mean to hurt him, Georges is just too heavy on his skates. The punishment should be five games and skating lessons."

Like I told a co-worker today at lunch, if Don Cherry can't even defend a Canadian cheap-shotting a European... you KNOW it was a dirty play.  Here's what Dan Cleary had to say:

"We have to get rid of plays like that.  Clearly he was beaten and he was trying to stop him and he stuck his leg out. That's when guys get hurt. We have to send a message that we can't do that -- whether it's to a player on our team or another team."

Nobody seems to be against Laraque getting suspended, and not just in Detroit's camp.  Here's a tidbit from Stu Hackel of the New York Times:

Even in Montreal there are demands that Laraque be punished. On Rue Frontenac, web site of the locked out Journal de Montreal employees, Pierre Durocher noted yesterday that he had gotten a number of emails from fans condemning Laraque’s recklessness.
Come on, Colie Campbell.  Time to prove me wrong for all the times I've called you a sniveling coward.  Another injustice has been done to Detroit, do you have the brass to do something about it?  You are the NHL vice-president after all...

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