Thursday, November 5, 2009

Don't Worry, People...I got this.

So I did a little research on my own over the past two seasons in games that I actually attended.  Turns out I'm pretty good luck.

2008-2009 Regular Season:
8-0-0, combined score 36-14 (Red Wings)
**1-0 at Wrigley Field

2008-2009 Play-offs:
5-0-1, combined score 23-12 (Red Wings)

2009-2010 Regular Season (so far):
4-2-0, combined score 19-15 (Red Wings)
**0-2-0 in Stockholm

As mentioned before...I've also witnessed these milestones so far just this year:

Lidstrom: 1,000 points
Osgood: 50th career shutout
Cleary: 100th goal (it will happen tonight)...still pending

So relax, the Sharks aren't going to ruin my night...don't you @#$%^ing do it!  Also, turns out one of my friends is actually Budd Lynch's I'll be dressing nice for tonight's game and watching from a suite.


  1. Wow look at you with all your connections.