Thursday, November 12, 2009

Vancouver is Scared (I say)

The Vancouver Sun, with a apprehensive approach leading up to tonight's game...

Luongo got the flu, which pushed back his return date. Daniel Sedin’s recovery from a broken foot stalled, and the Canucks’ best scorer went home. Then the Canucks, in an inexplicably lousy performance, were roasted 6-1 Tuesday by the St. Louis Blues as backup goalie Andrew Raycroft suddenly turned into a pumpkin.

So, tonight, Luongo starts for the first time since a fractured rib forced him from the lineup on Oct. 28, and does so on the road against the powerful Detroit Red Wings, without the benefit of other reinforcements as the Canucks lurch toward a losing streak. And all this against the backdrop of Luongo’s history of starting slowly after injury or layoff.

Welcome back, Louie. Have fun.

So Detroit is now "the powerful Detroit Red Wings" after throttling the Columbus Blue Jackets.  Really?  Ok, let's roll with it.  Here's a gem from Bobby Lou:

“I can’t think of a better way to come back than to have Tomas Holmstrom draped on my back for 60 minutes.”

And if Holmer's twiggy happens to get up near your ribs...well, don't blame us.


  1. As I recall, Luongo's own teammate pushed Holmstrom into him. Wasn't that the point of the game where he broke his rib? If so, blame your own teammates.

    Might as well just let him stand there and tip pucks in so you don't have to worry about getting injured again.

  2. Why would Homer be on his back?

    Make sense Lou.