Monday, November 23, 2009

Pointless Preview: 11/23 vs Nashville Predators

Category #1: Our Coach Looks Like a Fast Food Icon

Nashville has Barry Trotz as Jack in the Box.

Both have bulbous heads with no neck.

Detroit has Paul McLean as Colonel Sanders.


…not so much. I only went on this for glasses/facial hair. McLean would look sweet rockin’ that goatee though, if I do say so myself.

Winner: Nashville

Category #2: We’ve Never Won a Play-Off Series…Ever.


2003-2004- Lost to DET 4-2 in WCQF
2005-2006- Lost to SJ 4-1 in WCQF
2006-2007- Lost to SJ 4-1 in WCQF
2007-2008- Lost to DET 4-2 in WCQF

Detroit: Don’t make me go into details...just trust me on this one.

Winner: Detroit

Category #3: Quality of Ownership

Nashville: Craig Leipold was going to sell the team in 2007 to the infamous Jim Balsillie. Balsillie promptly put tickets on sale in Hamilton, which actually outsold tickets currently being purchased in in Nashville. Gary promptly put the kibosh to the deal and instead put in William “Boots” Del Biaggio who ran into legal trouble over a multitude of unpaid loans, culminating in him filing for bankruptcy. Del Biaggio, it is rumored, acquired the loans he used to buy his stake in the team through fraudulent means, prompting an FBI investigation and criminal charges. Del Biaggio may have offered to sell the team to Balsillie as a last ditch effort, but the deal was once again blocked by Mr. Bettman.

Detroit: In 1982, Mike Ilitch bought the Red Wings (legally) from Bruce Norris for $8 million. He used to give away cars at home games to boost attendance for the struggling franchise. His treatment of players/staff is second to none. Many former players are given front office jobs (Jiri Fischer, Steve Yzerman). When the Red Wings won the Stanley Cup in 2008, Illitch had Stanley Cup rings made for all the living players who had won the Cup previously, but did receive championship rings. His philanthropic efforts have been recognized by three different US Presidents. On May 8, 2009, Illitch was named by Sports Illustrated as the best owner in the NHL.

Winner: Detroit

Category #4: Google Image Search [Team City] + Redneck


Whew, doggie. Think he’s ever told a man to “squeal like a pig”?


Kid Rock is the self-proclaimed “long haired, red neck rock and roll son of Detrot”.

Winner: Detroit

Prediction: Will Nashville resort back to playing the back-up against Detroit? Dallas, Florida played their back-up and won. Montreal played their starter and lost. I’m saying that the Wings play surprisingly good defense and win this one 4-1. And that is still one too many times that “I like it, I love it” should be played at a hockey arean. YEE-HAW!


  1. that stupid song... that was the worst part of being scored on 8 times last year.