Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Yzerman, Best of 2009 HHOF Class?

According to a poll that THN put on, the answer is 'yes'.

Steve Yzerman 76 %

Brett Hull 13 %

Brian Leetch 7 %

Luc Robitaille 4 %

Yowsa...not even close.  It just goes to show you how much respect and adoration The Captain commanded during his playing days and now into his post-playing days as well.

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  1. Here's one from NHL.Com:

    Which 2009 Hall of Fame inductee had the best playing career?
    Brett Hull: 22.00 %
    Brian Leetch: 6.84 %
    Luc Robitaille: 7.36 %
    Steve Yzerman: 63.80 %

    A little closer but still a blowout.
    Congratulations Mr. Yzerman.