Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Pointless Preview: 11/18 vs Dallas Stars

Category #1: Isn’t that the from Guy Fresh Prince?

Dallas has Mike Ribeiro…

Carlton? Oh, that was Alfonso Ribeiro. But they probably dance the same way.

Detroit has Kris Newbury. Apparently (according to imdb), Kymberly Newberry played a character named Shauna in three episodes from 1990-1993

Winner: Dallas

Category #2: Google Image Search [Team Name] + stupid

Dallas yielded: Power Play Panda

That's pretty dumb but....

Detroit yielded: a picture of Marian Hossa

Winner: Detroit, for reasons not needed to be given.

Category #3: What Kind of Idiots have Away Third Jerseys?

Dallas: White third jerseys? Really? Maybe it’s because they’re last alternate home jerseys looked like a cross between a bull and a uterus.

Detroit: Too classy for third jersey revenue ploys.

Winner: Detroit

Category #4: Mr. “I’m Too Good for Your Farm System”

Dallas has Fabian Brunnstrom. He was a highly touted Free Agent in 2007-2008 and almost signed with the Wings. Was chased away by Kenny Holland saying that he would have to spend at least one year in the AHL. Scored a hat trick in his first game, Detroit fans wept. Has seven points this season with the trade rumors picking up, Detroit has forgotten all about him.

Detroit has Ville Leino. When Dallas won the Brunnstrom sweepstakes, Detroit settled for the Finnish super league MVP, Dr. eVille. Leino was promised a roster spot if he would spend one year in the minors to get used to the North American style of play. He spent his time with the Griffins and signed an extension with the Wings in the offseason after somewhat covertly forcing Kenny Holland to make good on his promise not to return him to the AHL this year.

Winner: Detroit, Leino only has 4 points to Brunnstrom’s 7…but Ville did his time like a man and is by no means in danger of leaving the franchise he signed with.

If Jimmy can outplay Luongo, then Turco in Detroit should be no problem.  Let's be bold, I'm saying the Wings win this one 3-0 and Jimmy gets his first career shut out.


  1. "I'm saying the Wings win this one 3-0 and Jimmy gets his first career shut out."

    Cool prediction! Hope you'll be right ant Jimmy will get his first shutout! But I disagree with 1st number - why "3"? Let it be... maybe... hm... 6 or 7? OK? ))))))))))

  2. I thought I was a fucking czar Fresh Prince trivia, but I'll be damned if I remember who that lady is.

    By the way: You've been writing this blog for like 12 minutes and you're approaching as many posts as me. Nice work.

    - Tyler

  3. Shauna; wasn't that chick that went from drop-dead gorgeous to a hideous mannequin after taking off all her fake accoutrements while trapped with Will?